Standalone Players

The standalone player is an HTML5 object that should play with no issues in most browsers. It provides a high fidelity stream and displays the currently playing song and album information.

Try this option first, click on the image to pop-out the player:

Other External Players

Listening to the Springsteenradio stream in external players is fairly easy. All have the ability to open an external stream, or URL.

The URL for our stream is:

Here are some links for popular players:

FStream App for iPhone

The Fstream app is available free from the iTunes App Store. Once you've installed it, click on the "Favorites" icon on the bottom bar, then "EDIT" on the top left. You should see a green "+" in a circle that allows you to "Add a new web radio". Click that, then you can add in our stream information, here are the details:

Stream Name:
Format: All Bruce!
Bitrate: 128

That should do you!

Having Troubles?

We know it's sometimes tricky to find the best solution and we're here to help! Please dont hesitate to contact us if you experience problems...